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Pest Control

Most dried products which are sensitive for insect infestations can be fumigated as follows:

CO2 fumigation :-  The fumigant effect of carbon dioxide  allows the post-harvest treatment of  crops, thus increasing food safety and product quality while reducing waste products without producing any impact on the  status of the products.

The use of SOL carbon dioxide for fumigation, sometimes mixed with nitrogen, combats the development of parasites and reduces the amount of mould and fungi present, thus removing the risks of toxins of vegetable origin such as mycotoxins and aflatoxins being produced.


Methyl Bromide fumigation :- Methyl bromide is a fumigant used to control pests in agriculture and shipping.

Methyl bromide is used according to regulations of each country . this because Some countries do not allow the use of methyl bromide for pest control.

The United States has phased out production and consumption of methyl bromide with important exceptions for critical uses as well as quarantine and preshipment.

The use of methyl bromide as per the permitted regulations of some countries as follows:

Methyl Bromide (use one of the following doses: 40 gr/m³/12h/ 32 °C.

56gr/m³/12h/Tº from 27 to 31 °C; 72 gr/m³/12h/Tº from 21 to 26 °C.

160 gr/m³/12h/Tº from 16 to 20 °C.

192 gr/m³/12h/Tº from 10 to 15 °C.

192 gr/m³/12h/Tº from 4 to 9°C.


Organic pest control :- 

Controlled atmosphere insect treatment 

100% pest control in all life stages 

Low Oxygen Atmosphere

A Controlled Atmosphere system makes it possible to create a Low Oxygen atmosphere in a gas-tight