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Why Organic

Organic has become a very fancy word within the past years, but what is really behind it?

Is it worth the price?

Organic is a standard which is not only against of conventional agriculture, but developed standards ensuring a healthy and sustainable agriculture for the farmer, the consumer, the plants, animals and soil. This harmony leads to nutritious, tasty and healthy products for you, your family and your loved ones. All over the world

Consuming Organic ensures that you consume just what the nature serves you, without pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics.

Why is Organic more expensive? Who gets that money?

Organic products are very rich in vitamins and nutritions. As rich as the nature. And as there are no additives, pesticides, herbicides used during the production, the consumption of Organic products is not harmful.

Nonetheless Organic products appear to be more expensive compared to conventional products. As all types of artificial and synthetic pesticides are forbidden, Organic agriculture requires more man power to keep the fields clean and to treat the crops. Harmful insects cannot be “sprayed away” with pesticides, which would also end up in your crop.

our certified organic products provide complete traceability from farm to factory.

Go Organic. Go Green. Stay Healthy.