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We are a complete factory to produce dehydrated all Spice & Herbs ,specialized in the field of cleaning, processing, sterilization and packing seeds, medical plants, dehydrated  Parsley& Dill….

The production capacity is 5 MT per day.

Our production stages for Herbs Spices: –

Per-cleaner: primary cleaning to remove very fin size bottom.

– Crusher: to crushing the materials (cut size) as customer requirements  

– Indented Cylinder: separating the length stems and standardizing the size of the leaves. This means that all leaves are the same size (the size is uniform).

Sifter: control the granules and extract the large stems from the product; also it can remove the leaves powder from the products as customer’s requirements.

– Gravity separator : it is used to clean the product from stones, sand , any heavy things where these foreign material have different weight about the product leaves so we can control these foreign materials by gravity ,this is the first step .

If these foreign materials are the same weight as the product leaves and difficult to control by gravity, we can control them with Sortex Machines (color sorting).

Metal detector:   metal detector that is used in Herbs and spices. Applying to detect broken needles, iron wires, Brass ,stainless steel ,metals (such as Plumbum; Copper; Aluminum; Stannum; SUS etc.) that mixed or left with products, raw materials. Using a metal detector helps meet the requirements of the US FDA, QS, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certificates.

 Scale: to weight – packing: package (10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg) as customer’s requirements

**    Better Quality for a Better Life is the main target during the processing step 

**   Several check points all over the production line to assure the quality applied to assure in end the full Customer Satisfaction.