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Dried Yellow Lemon

Dried Yellow Lemon

These whole dried yellow lemons are in fact dried limes. That is why they are also known as ‘limu’. In the Middle East, the fruits dry completely naturally on the tree under the influence of the sun. During the drying process, the skin of the limu colours light brown. The core of the dried yellow lemon turns dark brown. Our dried yellow lemons are 100% natural and free of additives.

Botanical Name: (Citrus limonum)

Product Forms: whole 2.5CM or 2.5-5 CM.– Tea Bag Cut (TBC) – Ground (20-60 Mesh)

Season: November

Availability: Available all over the Year.

Capacity: 5 MT / 20 FCL & 11 MT / 40 FCL.

Packages: Paper Bags –Polypropylene Bags.

Weight: 20 KGs net and depends on the product form.