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Dill seeds

Dill seeds

Anethum graveolens is a common sight in herb gardens with its feathery leaves and umbels of yellow flowers. Dill seeds are the fruit of the dill plant and are pleasantly aromatic with a flavorful, yet bitter taste. Dill seed has been used in traditional herbal practices for its beneficial properties and is also a pungent culinary spice. Typical preparations include infusions, extractions, and macerating in liqueur or vinegar. Dill seed can also be used to flavor baked goods and pickling recipes.

Botanical Name: (Anethum graveolens )

Product Forms: Seeds – Ground (20-60 Mesh)

Season: August .

Availability: Available all over the Year

Capacity:  13 MT / 20 FCL & 26 MT / 40 FCL

Packages: Paper Bags – Polypropylene Bags

Weight: 25 KGs net PP.Bag