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Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile Tea is used as a remedy for hysterical and nervous affections in women and is used also as a preventive and the sole certain remedy for nightmare.

Is one of the oldest favorites amongst garden herbs and its reputation as a medicinal plant shows little signs of abatement.

Botanical Name: (Matricaria chamomilla).

Product Forms: Whole Flowers A Grade Quality-Flowers Raw Material-Tea Bag Cut  (TBC)-Pollen with Seeds-Pure Pollen-Seeds-Petals- Industrial Grade. 

                                                            Season : From February till late-May.

Availability: Available all over the Year.

Capacity: Flower: 3.5 MT / 20 FCL & 7.5 MT / 40 FCL.

Packages: Carton Boxes- Paper Bags – Polypropylene Bags.

Weight: 12.5 KGs net/ carton for whole Flowers and depends on the product form.